Enabling Women on a Mission to Speak for Themselves

Martina Mok

How do you get a crowd to stop, listen and care? How do you tell a life story in two minutes – let alone seven stories?

FleishmanHillard Hong Kong recently held a reception for clients, staff, partners and friends to benefit the Asian University for Women (AUW), as part of ongoing pro bono support and our global social inclusion initiative. Based in Bangladesh, AUW grants scholarships to high-potential young women from 15 countries in Asia who would otherwise not have the opportunity to gain an international university education.

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FH70 AUW Event - Students Q&A 20160817
AUW students share their stories at FH|70 event, “Communicators for Change: Enabling Women on a Mission.”

AUW students on a walking tour of Hong Kong with FleishmanHillard volunteers.