Unveiling the Ascendance of Private Markets: A Gateway for Asset Managers to Attract High Net Worth Investors

Mokka Mok, Senior Vice President of FleishmanHillard Hong Kong

In recent years, the private markets landscape has experienced a remarkable surge, capturing the attention of asset managers around the world. This flourishing trend has paved the way for the financial industry to explore new avenues for growth, with private markets becoming an enticing domain for high net worth investors seeking investment opportunities with relatively low market correlation.

In our recent report “The Future of Asset Management in Asia”, the majority of investors (42%) are most concerned about slow global economic growth or even a downturn. In response to these uncertainties, nearly one-third of respondents (29%) plan to shift their investments towards lower-risk options, and there is a growing interest in diversifying portfolios. Investors are now showing enthusiasm for private market investments, particularly in private equity funds (15%) and private credit funds (15%).

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