My 11 Christmas Wishes

  1. Brands make a New Year’s resolution to review their Crisis Manual in January, recognising that crises really can happen at tweet speed.
  2. Hong Kong’s air pollution blows away and more global companies decide to shift their head office to Hong Kong. We still are Asia’s world city despite Shanghai and Singapore constantly nipping at our heels.
  3. Brands put as much investment into managing and measuring their reputation as they do their marketing. It’s when brand and reputation are aligned that the real magic happens.
  4. Quality work is seen as something worth paying the full price. Need I say more.
  5. Procurement departments stop making decisions based on the lowest price.
  6. Working at an agency is seen as a career, not a stepping stone to in-house.
  7. I miraculously learn how to read and write Chinese. Proficiently.
  8. US and Hong Kong PR budgets achieve some sort of parity.
  9. Public Relations is seen as a noble profession and PR professionals as creators of real economic and value. So many of the big – and little – problems in the world today are caused by poor communication.
  10. Companies see that higher purpose and higher performance aren’t mutually exclusive. In fact, a shared value approach to business can be a competitive advantage.
  11. We are thankful for those things that bring us happiness and recognise the moment.
  • Rachel Catanach

    Rachel Catanach is FleishmanHillard’s senior partner and president, Greater China and a member of the firm’s Cabinet leadership team. In addition to her senior management responsibilities, her market role includes people development, cultivating existing client relationships and securing new business...

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