Beyond Ventures Appoints FleishmanHillard Hong Kong as its PR Agency

Beyond Ventures is a Hong Kong-based venture capital fund established by eGarden Ventures in partnership with locally-grown serial entrepreneurs. The fund is also supported by leading investment company Hony Capital, which manages more than US$10 billion in assets. Adopting the slogan “From Hong Kong For Hong Kong”, Beyond Ventures seeks to revitalise Hong Kong’s innovation ecosystem by bringing experienced venture and private equity funds together with successful entrepreneurs to provide start-ups with mentoring support. FleishmanHillard Hong Kong is providing media relations and communications services for the launch of Beyond Ventures in Q4 2017.

Lap Man, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Beyond Ventures, said: “Our goal is to help Hong Kong start-ups go global and fulfill their potential. The fund will build a platform to help Hong Kong start-ups grow and extend their networks around the world by drawing on vast experience of the founders, as well as the extensive resources held in mainland China and elsewhere by Hony Capital and eGarden Ventures. We are delighted to be working with FleishmanHillard to maximize our exposure and raise our profile across Asia.”

“Venture capital has become one of the dominant forces in the financing of innovative Hong Kong companies. This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to the development of the innovation ecosystem in Hong Kong,” said Carmen Yu, Vice President at FleishmanHillard Hong Kong. “FleishmanHillard is proud to work with Beyond Ventures and our effective communications strategy is helping to build and expand awareness of Beyond Ventures in the region.”